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What is Deke rush?

It's the best time of your life. You will meet a friendly bunch of guys of high standards and ideals who like to have fun. At the beginning of each semester, we hold events like dinners, parties, sports and other activities to give you a chance to get to know our brothers and what we're about. It's easy - Dekes are outgoing and can show you how to make the most of your time at Virginia Tech.

Why rush DKE?

"Friends from the heart, forever." That is the motto of Delta Kappa Epsilon, founded at Yale in 1844. True to the motto, we Dekes have strong bonds of brotherhood, despite our diverse backgrounds. Equal parts of the gentleman, scholar, and jolly good fellow are the makings of a Deke.

Throughout rush, you will encounter a wide variety of fraternities, each with their own special promise as to why they are for you. We at DKE don't feel as though we have to make promises as to what we will be; rather, we feel that you should see us as we are.

DKE is much more than a social club to it's members. It is a chance to make close friends with whom you will remain close throughout your life. But most importantly it is a chance to realize perhaps the four greatest years of your life.

After you have heard the rumors and stories, come see what makes us what we are.

What does it mean to be a Deke?

What do Dekes do? Everything. We field teams for most of the intramural sports, including football, basketball, soccer, and softball, and often pair up with sororities for co-ed teams as well. We are proud to participate in community service events, such as the Roanoke Street Cleanup. We have had leaders in a host of campus organizations and athletes on several of Tech’s athletic teams.


We are a fraternity focused on maintaining a rich tradition of brotherhood, rewarding social life and academic success. We believe that each Deke should profit from his association with his brothers, and we strive to create an atmosphere that makes this possible, both as a student and an alumnus.

Our chapter is unique in that we are the only fraternity that tries to keep itself small. We believe that a smaller chapter size is our greatest asset, enabling each individual to get to know all of his brothers on a greater level. Other fraternities aim for numbers. We look for true “friends from the heart.”

At DKE functions, you will never run into a brother and not remember his name. Small, strong fraternities produce an unparalleled level of quality, whereas large fraternities produce an unparalleled level of quantity.

Tell me about the Deke House

xmas house.jpg

You can learn more by visiting our House page, but in short, 302 East Roanoke Street has been our home since 1968. We were the first fraternity at Virginia Tech to own a house. It has seen many generations of Dekes through their college years in addition to playing host to tens of thousands of guests. As the house approaches 100 years of age, our Alumni Association has embarked on a thorough renovation and restoration project that will let it provide coming generations of Dekes with good times and happy memories.

DKE is one of few fraternities in Blacksburg that still owns its own off-campus house. As more fraternities move into university-controlled dormitory facilities, the advantages of off-campus, independently-operated fraternity houses become even more apparent.

We’re incredibly proud of our house and would be happy to give you a tour to show it off. Contact our Rush Chairman (see above) to learn more.

What kind of contacts can I build with DKE?

Dave Calhoun with Dan Johnson

Dave Calhoun with Dan Johnson

The open motto of DKE is "Friends from the heart forever." DKE brothers are friends for life. At DKE, you'll develop friendships that will endure past your college years. Dekes from chapters across the nation and world have shared a strong bond of brotherhood and tradition for over 150 years.

In addition to making friends that last a lifetime, you will have access to an unbelievable number of contacts that can produce numerous career and personal opportunities. Over 700 living VT DKE alumni are very involved and interested in the success of the chapter and its brothers.

VT Dekes keep up with brothers from other colleges as well. In recent years, we've paid visits to schools like Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, U. of Richmond, Rowan U., and Miami of Ohio to build friendships and share good times. We also send brothers to the biennial fraternity convention to build relations, meet others, gain leadership skills and further improve our chapter.

Do you guys party all the time?

Because Delta Kappa Epsilon is a fraternity many people have taken that to mean simply "partying." Part of becoming a socially mature adult involves interaction with those around you, and DKE holds many social events throughout the course of the school year to aid in that development.

DKE has created a fraternity that defines "social" not simply as parties and celebration, but rather one in which celebrations and parties are the rewards for our successes. Aside from our normal events, we organize an exciting social schedule each semester that has taken Dekes and their dates from wild costume parties and formal dances to roaring bonfires and spirited tailgates.

How will pledging affect my grades?

For the better. We hold mandatory study halls for new members to ensure grades don't slip. We also assign each new member a big brother to help him adjust to college living, a full academic workload and fraternity life. In 2003, we won the Interfraternity Council's Spring New Member Scholarship award for having the highest pledge class grades out of all 31 IFC fraternities.

Where does the money from my dues go?

Members of our chapter pay very reasonable dues, which are necessary for maintenance and upkeep of our house (repairs, taxes, utilities, etc.), liability insurance and membership materials for each brother, and lastly for organizing events that we believe are the best on campus.

So how do I go about rushing DKE?

It's simple. If you have any questions about our fraternity, or just want to know what we're doing this weekend, feel free to contact our Rush Chairman. His job is to help you, and his contact information is at the top of this page. You're also welcome to stop by our house at 302 E. Roanoke St. in downtown Blacksburg. Click here for directions from campus.