DKS CrestAdopted December 2004 The purpose of our organization -- the Sigma Alpha chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon -- is to bring together like minded "gentlemen, scholars and jolly good fellows" that will remain for the rest of their lives "Friends From the Heart Forever". To best execute and perpetuate this purpose, the Fraternity will continue to operate as an "off campus" fraternity in the Roanoke Street House.

In order for the fraternity to survive and prosper, the active component of the fraternity needs to remain vibrant, financially sound and operate within the guidelines of the University, the civil authorities and the Fraternity. To remain vibrant and financially sound, the fraternity needs to maintain an active membership of about 40 to 50 brothers. At least 25% to 35% of the members should reside in the fraternity house in order to establish and maintain a core group for the organization. This is the membership guideline the fraternity has established for the active members.

This membership guideline requires the efforts for both the active and alumni members. The single most important aspect in meeting this guideline, however, is the upkeep and maintenance of the Fraternity House. Without a functionally sound and reasonably attractive House, the membership guidelines will not be met and the fraternity cannot survive in the long run. While the actives must maintain a well balanced program and sense of brotherhood that will attract and retain good young men, they must maintain the house in a reasonable condition that both actives and alumni find acceptable.

For our part, the alumni must provide for the long term maintenance and expansion of the house. Without our support, the house will decay, our fraternity will fail, and we will gradually but surely lose the bonds of brotherhood.