Delta Kappa Sigma, Virginia Tech’s first social fraternity, was founded by four students in 1941. Today known as Delta Kappa Epsilon, the chapter is the longest continuous fraternity for Virginia Tech students, uninterrupted since its founding. No other fraternity can claim such resilience! The chapter’s primary goals are to create a positive and engaging social atmosphere for brothers and to forge strong, lifelong friendships. 

Chapter History

The fraternity was founded as Delta Kappa Sigma on April 21, 1941 by Walter Scott Brooks, Morrison David Meyers, Kenneth Vance Wagenbach and Thomas Barton Wyatt. It was the first fraternity to form at Virginia Tech.

Initially operating as a secret society because fraternities were outlawed, DKS met behind closed doors, and even went completely underground for a period in the mid-1950s.

By the 1960s, other fraternities began to appear at Virginia Tech, although all were local fraternities unable to affiliate with national organizations because of Tech's ban. But by 1970, Tech began to officially recognize fraternities.

Becoming a founding member of the Interfraternity Council of Virginia Tech, DKS applied to Delta Kappa Epsilon International for colonization in 1970. On February 6, 1971, the fraternity was chartered as the Sigma Alpha chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon.

The fraternity moved into its current residence at 302 East Roanoke Street in Blacksburg in 1968. It is one of few fraternities in Blacksburg to still own and operate its own off-campus chapter house.

As of November 10, 2009, the Sigma Alpha Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon is not an Interfraternity Council member.

Above are pictures from a Founders Day dinner



The Sigma Alpha Dekes were hungry going into the the 2011-2012 school year.  In August, the leadership team identified many areas where the fraternity could improve.  The alumni needed a reason to be more involved with DKE.  The rush program was consistently underperforming. Attendance at meetings was poor. Sigma Alpha also wanted to get more involved with the Blacksburg community.  To address these concerns, the actives devised a couple plans.  

The 40-70-100 year reunion brought alumni in from all over the country.  For rush, the rush committee implemented a dynamic recruiting strategy that stressed building friendships through informal meetings with potential new members.  An meeting attendance system was implemented to reward brothers when they came to meetings.   Finally, the philanthropy push was pioneered by participating in the Run 4 Ryan.

The plans helped deliver huge results.  Alumni activity and relations were better than ever.  Recruitment yielded 23 new members on the year.  The actives were prompt and eager to come to the fraternity events. And DKE contributed more to the Blacksburg community than most organizations on campus.  All of these accomplishments earned us the Lion Trophy award for most improved chapter for the 2011-2012 year.

2012 Lion Trophy Application


The International Delta Kappa Epsilon Association created the Delta Award given to the chapter that has improved the most over the past school year.  The Sigma Alpha Dekes were recognized nationally again for their hard work in chapter improvement.  Recruitment exploded and the quality of the recruits vastly improved. The chapter instituted more practices to keep order and peace. Most importantly they ignited the flame in the brotherhood to strive to be one of the best fraternities on campus.

2014 Delta Award Application


After perhaps the best year of DKE in recent history, the chapter has applied for both the Lion Trophy and the Delta Award.  With highs in chapter attendance, dues, philanthropy, and some of the best outings to date, the chapter has broken into a higher echelon of Fraternity status.  Good luck guys!

2015 Delta Award Application
2015 Lion Trophy Application

VT Dekes Today

DKE pledge class of Fall 2015

DKE pledge class of Fall 2015

Today, the Sigma Alpha Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon has a membership of about 47 brothers. The chapter traditionally takes new members twice a year, in the fall and the spring.

The chapter house is owned and maintained by a vibrant Alumni Association, which also provides guidance to the active brotherhood. Jack Hutcheson (Fall '69) serves as Faculty Adviser via his position within the Virginia Tech Alumni Association.



You can contact the active chapter at:
Delta Kappa Epsilon, 302 East Roanoke Street, Blacksburg, VA 24060