New Officers for Next Year

The active chapter is changing the terms of the chapter officers. Elections will be held at the end of the Fall semester and the new officers will take their positions starting at the beginning of the Spring semester. The change will improve knowledge transfer and give the seniors a well-deserved break for their last semester.

The new elections have just taken place.  I'm excited to share the new officers for the 2016 calendar year! We are proud of the improvements made to the Fraternity and are excited to see what lies ahead.

  • President: Benjamin Brisley
  • Vice President: Julian Gaasche
  • Secretary: Carlin Field
  • Treasurer: Daniel Joye
  • Member at Large: Hank Mauk
  • Pledge Master: Garrett Godshall
  • Rush Chair: Austin Raney + Chris Large
  • Philanthropy Chair: Lars Pearson
  • Social Chair: Bobby Ross