Attic framing and HVAC work

Work on the attic renovations continues... as of this week the attic framing is nearly complete and HVAC system installation continues. See the below photos to get a sense of the scale of this project. It's easily the most substantial construction work the house has seen in years and we're excited to move forward with it. However, our ability to continue is subject to your financial support -- after completion of framing and HVAC work we must stop until fundraising catches up with spending. Please consider supporting this needed work with a generous donation.

Photos from September 29:

Attic hallway after climbing staircase Attic room 1 Attic room 1 closet Attic bathroom Attic loft area Attic room 2 HVAC work from room 2 HVAC system from room 3 HVAC duct work

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