D(u)KE Tailgate


Get the you (u) back into DKE this weekend!  D(u)KE is at VT this Saturday. Join the Dekes for are traditional Lot 4 tailgate.  VT finally got an afternoonkickoff so the tailgate will start in our familiar location under the large blue and white tent. Make a point of stopping by and see what you/who you are missing.  Below is partial list of alumni and guests in attendance over the past two tailgates.  Food, drink, shelter and good company provided.  Your presence is mandatory!  Satisfaction guaranteed.  We kindly request an attendance donation of $20 DKE to the Tailgate Club to help offset the supplies and tent costs.

Check after the break to see all of the alumni that have joined the tailgate club at lot 4 this season.  We've had an awesome turnout and it has created an amazing tailgating season.

Andrew McLaughlin, Ann Murray (little sister alum), Barbara Davis, Bill Mason, Billy Rush , Brian Moody , Burt Burson, Charlie Webb, Colin Reef, Dan Johnson, Dave Swanson , Dave Z’s son, Dave Zentmeyer, Deb Beam (LS alum), Debbie McFee (little sister alum), Drew Diefenderfer , Eric Fortin , Florian Mayer, Hank Mattox, Jeff Rose, Jennifer Hedge (little sister alum), Jim McDonald, Jim Scanlon, Joe Lenzi, John Boatwright, John Hinkle, Josh Waller , Kevin Buchanan, Lori Sterne , M Gregory, Mark Giebel, Mark Heberle, Mickey Hayes, Mike Beam, Mike Hawkins, Mike Konyha, Mike Renard, Ms. S. Cronemeyer, Paula Johnson (LS alum), Peggy Bowden, Phil Harris, Ray Sterne , Rick Abraham, Roger Leibowitz, Russ McKinnon, Ryan McMahon, Sam Barnett, Sam Rose, Steve Cronemeyer, Susan Phillips Fritzlen (little sister alum) , Temple Moore, Theta Bowden, Tony Palumbo, Trae Harding, Trevor Donahue, Wesley Johnson, William Webb