Maryland Tailgate

Isn't it pretty?

Isn't it pretty?

The time has come.  It is the final Virginia Tech home game of the season.  We are miraculously still in the hunt for the ACC championship coming off a strong win against the Hurricanes.

More importantly, the last Deke tailgate of the year is this Saturday, November 16th, and we are going out with a bang!

As displayed in the obviously-computer-generated photo to the right, our new tailgate tent will sail its maiden voyage this weekend.  Additionally, we will host the freshly initiated set of brothers.  If you are starving for some breakfast or a through-hiker that made a couple of wrong turns, no need to worry.  The breakfast buffet will be hot and ready for all tailgate goers to eat.

The location is still in lot 4 where we always are.  Look for the Rampant Lion flag to direct you towards the tailgate.  If you need to see a map, look at the posts below.  The 12:30 game makes for an tailgate that will start around 10:00 am.

As always, all are welcome.