Dave Calhoun leads VT fundraising

VT DKE alumnus Dave Calhoun (Spring '76) was recently named Co-chair of Virginia Tech's new fundraising effort, The Campaign for Virginia Tech. Over the course of the next three years Dave will lead the public phase of the most ambitious campaign in university history. To read all about VT's fundraising efforts and Dave's involvement, click here for the VT Office of University Development's IMPACT newsletter. In addition to his exploits as a gentleman, scholar and jolly good fellow in DKE, Dave is also kind of famous in the business world for his executive talents as the current Chairman and CEO of The Nielsen Company, and before that, Vice Chairman of General Electric -- accomplishments we are sure he would attribute almost entirely to experience gained managing his first enterprise as DKE’s Bar Chairman many years ago.

Congratulations, Dave.

Dave Calhoun (center) with VT DKE Alumni Board members Dan Johnson (left) and Jim Scanlon (right)

Dave Calhoun (Spring '76, center) with DKE Alumni Board members Dan Johnson (Spring '74, left) and Jim Scanlon (Winter '76, right) at a reception at the DKE House in May 2005. Calhoun gave the commencement address for VT's 2005 graduating class later that night in Lane Stadium.