Attic & 2nd floor work continues

Reconfiguration of the second level bedrooms is now complete, much to residents' relief. Both driveway-side bedrooms received new closets and wall and ceiling work. The second level hallway has new recessed lighting and the removal of the former paddle room wall is complete, substantially opening up the space. The second level bathroom renovation is complete, with new walls and ceilings, new tile flooring, a new window and a new sink, shower and toilet. The new staircase to the attic level is now roughed-in and the attic subflooring work is complete. Attic walls are now framed and HVAC system installation began this past week. Following this work we will have to put the project on hold until fundraising catches up - please send in your donations!

Check out these photos from 15 September:

Hallway with recessed lighting New bathroom sink New bathroom toilet and shower Roughed in staircase 1 New attic subflooring Roughed in staircase 2 Roughed in staircase 3 Attic construction facing backyard and Penn Street Attic construction facing the driveway and new staircase

Check back soon for more photos.